Millennials are moving away from renting, and into home ownership

The generation known as “millennials” (those born between 1981 and 1996) have typically been associated with renting apartments, rather than home ownership. In 2018, millennial home ownership was at a record low. But now in 2021, millennials make up the largest share of home buyers in the USA, according to a 2020 survey from the National Association of Realtors. Here at Kensington Custom Builders, we have been working with many customers who are making the transition from renting into not only home ownership, but a beautiful one-of-a-kind custom built home. Following is some information that will help guide those of you that are also ready to make that journey.

What Are Millennials Looking For In A New Home

In our experience working with millennial home buyers, they are looking for simple yet high tech options in their custom built homes. They want a floor plan that is open and functional without any wasted space that will not be utilized daily. They are looking for wi-fi everywhere, security and monitoring cameras and systems with smart features such as Google Nest thermostats and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Millennials want easy. They want a home that is forever and the feeling that their home is unique and tailored specifically to their needs.

Advantages to buying a home versus renting

While renting a home or apartment does have some appeal such as no commitment and little to no maintenance, there are many drawbacks as well. The money you are spending on renting is not working for you long-term in the same way as owning a home. When you rent, you are making someone else’s mortgage payment rather than building up equity in your own property. Additionally, you own the home you are buying, you cannot be evicted or asked to leave when the rental contract is concluded, or the landlord has decided to sell. You have the security and peace of mind that you have control of your situation, and that the money you are spending is building toward your future.

Building A New Home versus Buying An Existing Home

When pursuing home ownership, you may consider the purchase of an existing home and this can offer many advantages. However, as the country and world continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the housing market has boomed in 2021 and the reality is that not only have home prices gone way up, but availability is also down as well; it is definitely a seller’s market! The pandemic has created a new paradigm of remote working which is also fueling millennials drive to have their own home. They want their own space to work and space to entertain friends and family. We have noticed homes are getting larger, and there is a big demand for outdoor living areas with fresh air to entertain and spend time with their loved ones.

Building a new, custom designed home offers many advantages. You can work with a custom builder like Kensington Custom Builders to design the home to fit your lifestyle and have the peace of mind that your new home is backed by a warranty from the builder. Additionally, there is a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that you are the first family to live and sleep in the home and that you are getting exactly what you wanted in a home. If you buy an existing home you may have to do considerable remodeling to make it how you want which can include planning for additions to make it larger, redo flooring and paint colors, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, finishing basements, etc., all of which cost time and money. This is especially true for our millennial customers as they want simple and easy with no hidden or extra costs. They do not have the time or energy to deal with issues popping up. They want to entertain and live their best lives and not worry about maintenance on an existing, older home.

What are the first steps to take when planning a custom built home?

If you are considering a custom built home one of the first steps you should take is to speak with a construction loan lender about what you can afford, and to possibly get pre-qualified for a loan so you know your budget. Construction loan lenders are often different types of lenders than a normal mortgage company. Construction loans are more specialized and have different variables so you want to make sure you are dealing with a lender that has experience in this area. The next step would be to consider the geographical area that you want to live in and determine if there is land available upon which to build your custom home. Available land for building is scarce right now so the search may take some time but be persistent and you will locate your ideal property. Once you find the land you love, contact Kensington Custom Builders and we will walk the land with you and look over all of your documentation to give you a very good idea if the land is buildable and suitable for the type of home you are considering. We will look at the spacing requirements for the home, soil tests for septic compatibility, and much more!

Why Kensington Custom Builders is the ideal choice for millennials ready for home ownership

Kensington Custom Builders has one of the youngest home builders in the State of Ohio in Steve Porter, who is an owner and also manager of the company. Steve understands the needs of millennials and brings years of experience in custom home building to the relationship. Steve’s partner is Mike Primovero who has been building custom homes in Ohio for over 25 years. When you work with Kensington Custom Builders you are getting the best of both worlds with Mike and Steve, a partnership with vast amounts of experience yet relatable to the needs of millennials and all customers. The partners are committed to understanding their customers, listening to their customer’s needs, and ensuring that customers receive the very best experience and a custom built home product of heirloom quality that will last a lifetime.

Ready to start a conversation? Contact Kensington Custom Builders at (330) 931-3041 or submit our request form.

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