Burbank is a relatively small village in the county of Wayne in the state of Ohio. Burbank has recently witnessed a small increase in new residents following a recent fall in persons leaving the town a few years ago. The population has grown by 0.0% in the last year and -2.5% in the last five years to 279 people as of 2023. Burbank has a sparse suburban atmosphere, which can be a wonderful blend between rural and larger suburban neighborhoods because there is more room for money, and it is still a close-knit community.  Learn more here.

Burbank is a great city if you’re looking for a place to live. This is because of the following reasons. 

Cost of Living

Because of its low cost of living, Burbank, OH, is an excellent place to reside. Burbank residents have an average household income of $63,431 and a median home value of $106,800. These values are significantly lower than national norms and represent an excellent opportunity for individuals and families seeking inexpensive home options. Moreover, food costs are highly affordable, with the average price index in Burbank being 8% cheaper than the national average. Learn more about Lafayette, Ohio, is a Family-Oriented Neighborhood.

This makes it simple for residents to cover their daily expenses in the area. 


Burbank’s education and schools have a “B” rating, which is considered very good on a state and national level. This area has very high graduation rates, enrollment rates, teacher-to-student ratios, and extracurricular activities. Many factors contribute to this district’s success, including a low student-to-teacher ratio and numerous possibilities for pupils. The district, for example, provides band, choir, art, and drama programs. 

In addition, students can join a variety of clubs and organizations. Future Farmers of America (FFA), Quiz Bowl, Student Council, National Honor Society (NHS), and Spanish Club are a few examples. Academics are also a priority in the district. Students must take fundamental classes, including arithmetic, English, science, and social studies. Additionally, students can pursue Advanced Placement (AP) and dual credit subjects. 

Students in the city can earn obtain college credit while studying in high school by taking these classes. Overall, the Burbank School District is an excellent location to study. The district features high-quality programs and a strong academic emphasis.


Burbank is regarded as a secure community. The crime rate is low in contrast to other cities of similar size, and there are many family-friendly activities in the city. However, as in any metropolis, some neighborhoods are riskier than others. Conversely, Burbank is a safe location to live, work, and raise a family. 

The total crime rate and violent crime rate in Burbank is zero per 1000 people, which is lower than the national average. If you’re considering relocating to Burbank, know that you’ll be moving to a generally safe city for you and your family.

Parks and Recreation

Burbank’s Parks and Recreation Department manages 41 parks and facilities, including two public pools, a skate park, the Stough Canyon Nature Center, and the Starlight Bowl. The Department also manages the majority of the city’s publicly owned landscaping and parkway trees. Furthermore, they foster a healthy community by providing a wide range of innovative recreational and human services to people of all ages, including sports, swimming, classes, arts and culture, hiking, camping and more.