Crawford Corners is an unincorporated community in Medina County. The city is well-established, and residents have easy access to everything the city offers. Visit this link for more information.

 The city is a great residential area for families because of the reasons below. 

Parks for Outdoor Activities

If you’re interested in spending time in nature after a long week, you should consider visiting the Hartwick Pines State Park. The park consists of multiple hiking trails where you and your kids can go for a walk. There are minimal mature trees at the park, which gives more space for residents to enjoy outdoor dining and lounging. The tent sites have the shelter of large trees around them, which gives the feel of a pre-RV campground. Read about Canaan, Ohio, is a Fun-Filled Community here.

You can also have a good time at Crawford Farms Park, which features playground equipment and large open spaces. There are benches at the park where you can sit and enjoy lunch while enjoying the beautiful surrounding views. 

Recreation and Entertainment

If you intend to have fun with your kids, consider visiting the Hanson Hills recreation area. You can book your spot online, which is more convenient. This recreation area features tub runs for both adults and kids. The personnel are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. 

The tubes and runs are well maintained, meaning you don’t have to worry about safety. The Mason Tract Pathway is also another recreational area you can try out. You can hike the well-marked, maintained trail, which is around 7.2 miles. If you’re looking to spend some quiet time in nature, this trail is perfect for you. 

The Grayling Fish Hatchery Museum Project is also another perfect place to visit with your kids. You can feed the fish and even bring your fishing pole if you enjoy fishing. You can enjoy an entertaining experience when you throw the fish food in.


Crawford’s livability rating is higher than the national average. Crawford Corners is an excellent choice for parents seeking a place to raise their children. When compared to other cities in Ohio, the cost of living is lower. Everyone knows everyone in Crawford Corners because it is a small town with a small population. 

This is what keeps the area’s crime rates low. Children can stroll to school and other locations without fear of harm. Furthermore, the cost of living in Crawford Corners is lower than in most Colorado cities. Homes are highly affordable, and it will only take a short period of time for you to find a home to live in. 

The cost of groceries and other utilities is also affordable, making it easier for large families to enjoy a good lifestyle.

Essential Amenities

Some of Crawford Corner’s most valuable assets include educational opportunities and access to decent healthcare. High-quality K-12 school systems, public schools, and colleges are within the town’s borders. The city is near major universities such as The Ohio State University. In addition, Crawford Corners has hospitals like OhioHealth, which deliver convenient primary care, urgent care, and specialty services to the residents.