Fun-filled Trails in Fairlawn, Ohio

The unique thing that makes Fairlawn, Ohio stand out is its vast open spaces where people can enjoy outdoor activities. Fairlawn will offer you the best trails to do these activities when you want to enjoy beautiful scenic hikes, drives, riding bikes, or walks. If you also need to explore other outdoor activities, here are a few popular spots you can choose to do activities in. Information can be found here.

Parkway Jogging Trail

Parkway Jogging Trail is an incredible jogging trail. The trails are accessible and have beautiful wildflowers, and stunning scenic nature, making the perfect trail for jogging, bike riding, walking, and nature trips. Better still, Parkway Jogging Trail is accessible all year round. It is the best place for you if you need to go for a run or jog. See here for information about Medina, Ohio, Is a Fun Place.

Sand Run Metro Park Revere Rd

Sand Run Metro Park Revere Rd offers the best hiking experience in Fairlawn, Ohio, with excellent river views, ridges, and surrounding canyons. Also, it has a tremendous solid out and back on mostly fire roads. Sand Run Metro Park Revere Rd is safe and open for use by the public. The trail provides impressive hiking, running, or jogging experiences to people visiting Fairlawn.