If you and your kids enjoy going to the park, you will have many parks to explore. Below are some of the best parks in Medina. Find further facts here.

Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage Park

This local Medina Park features beautiful nature trails where you can go hiking. Before you start your hike, you should check nature boxes at the beginning of the trail as they contain supplies of nets and magnifying glasses. The Mugrage Park has over 100 acres, providing sufficient space for families with kids and pets to explore. This park offers different amenities, including walking trails, drinking fountains, an inclusive playground, numerous bridges, swing sets, a toddler area, and a merry-go-round. Learn more about Fairlawn, Ohio, is a Nature Wonderland.

There are also multiple slides, educational games, a dog park, a fishing pond, and more. 

Medina Memorial Park

This is a local park where you and your family can spend the entire day. There is a castle playground where kids can play and adjoining basketball courts for outdoor play. The castle playground has a fence, meaning you can be at peace knowing your child won’t leave the park without accessing the entrance. The climbing structure at the park has tire swings and multiple slides to ride down. 

Furthermore, there is a picnic setup where individuals can throw birthday parties or large gatherings at the park.