Easton is an unincorporated community situated in Wayne County. The city is located 15 minutes east of downtown. One of the city’s most notable features is the number of multiple wineries in the area. By visiting these wineries, you can taste rare wine brands and learn more about the local history of Easton. Information can be found here.

Moreover, you will learn more about the wine making process. This means you will see vineyards see how grapes are prepared and how the wine is created. See here for information about Medina, Ohio, is a Liberal Community. 

 Some of the wineries you should visit include. 

Wyandotte Winery

Wyandotte Winery is a winery established in 1977 for Floyd and Peggy Jones. The building was built as a home and a winery. The Joneses had a passion for making unique wines such as dandelion and more. In 1984, the winery was sold to Bill and Jane Butler, who continued to produce quality wines. 

The winery was later reopened in 2007 to continue the more than 30-year tradition. The winery currently focuses on producing high-quality handcrafted wines. They provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy and learn more about the exceptional wine. You can visit the winery on Fridays when a live band is performing and enjoy your favorite music. 

There are also food trucks on Fridays. Furthermore, there is a retail shop at the winery with frozen wine slushies, a wine list, and small plates such as cheese plates and pizza. 

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant- Columbus

There are a few connoisseurs that frequent Cooper’s Hawk Winery. The winery provides people with the opportunity to purchase a wine tasting membership. Once you get a membership, you can visit the winery once every month to taste some of the best wines in the area. After the wine tasting, you can take two bottles home. 

The wine tasting area is always busy, meaning you can easily make friends with like-minded individuals. You are given wine tasting sheets where they ask you if you want sweet wine or variety. However, you can change out the wines if you don’t think you will like them. The people working at the winery are extremely knowledgeable and will teach you everything you need to know about the wines. 

You can also get a truffle with your wine tasting for a great price. Since there is a restaurant at the winery, you can enjoy good food and get one of your monthly bottles of wine at your table. 

Good Vibes Winery

Good Vibes Winery focuses on providing customers with a unique experience by offering wine tasting of wines crafted and bottled on-site. The wine produced at this winery is made from juic sourced globally. There is plenty of wine to choose from, and you can order by glass, sample, or flight. There is plenty of sitting at the winery, and you can enjoy live music while drinking your favorite wines. 

Furthermore, the employees are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, meaning you will enjoy great customer service. The winery offers charcuterie boards that serve the purpose of pairing with wine tastings.