Medina is a tiny city in the state of Ohio, located in Medina County. Over the last five years, Medina has seen a tiny but continuous increase in the number of new inhabitants entering the city. The population has grown by 0.0% in the last year and 66.7% in the last five years to around 25000 people. Medina has a suburban atmosphere, which might be appealing to families searching for more space than larger, more tightly packed cities for the money, as well as a decent place to raise children.  Learn information about Seville, OH.

People that live here have access to the following.

Thriving Lifestyle

Medina is a bustling community with plenty of entertainment options. You can, for example, visit Buckeye Woods Park. The park features amazing hiking trails through the woods and the near Schleman Preserve. A well-maintained bike path stretches from north to south and passes through the large wetlands where you can see different bird species like wood ducks, geese, and more.  Discover facts about Burbank, Ohio, is a Small Yet Majestic Town.

Another park in Medina is Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage Park, which is a well-maintained muni park with a fishing pond and asphalt walking trails. There is also a good park, walking trails, and a playground for the kids. 

Summer Festivals

If you’re a fan of live music, you can attend the South Town Music Festival in Medina. You will enjoy multiple bands and singers performing throughout the day and night. Medina also hosts fairs and festivals that are ripe with tradition and unique attractions. For instance, the Saint Ambrose Summer Festival features tribute bands and nightly specials. 

At this festival, you can also enjoy games, rides, and delicious food and drinks. Furthermore, there are multiple Farmer’s Markets in Medina. You can find fresh vegetables and fruits at these markets from the local farmers. These products are all sold at affordable prices. 

At these markets, you can interact with other residents in Medina. There are also local foods and drinks at the farmer’s markets, so you have the energy to explore the whole market.

Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy being in the outdoor environment, you can pass by Elite Training Performance. Elite is a Sports chosen Athletic Development Facility in Medina that focuses on training athletes for their chosen sport to develop power and speed while also correcting bodily limitations to attain optimal achievement. The facility aids in developing specific programs to address mobility limitations, biomechanical imbalances, general strength, endurance, and injury avoidance to maximize success for each unique athlete. The facility has worked with professional, national, and collegiate athletes from all throughout Northeast Ohio. 

Elite’s trainers are nationally recognized strength and conditioning specialists that specialize in developing sport-specific programs that treat overuse from the specific sport. These specialists also offer muscular balance and stability. Another outdoor activity you can enjoy is playing golf at Shale Creek Golf Course. The course is always in excellent condition, even during the rainy season. 

The course is relatively wide open, given its location among houses. You can enjoy amazing food at the golf course at reasonable prices.