Visiting the park is a great way to enjoy free or low-cost physical activities and interact with nature. Parks are convenient because they allow pets and kids. Below are the common parks you should visit in Fairlawn.  Visit this link for more information.

Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park is a two-acre park that was established in 1976. There are canals, swings, and tables lining the walkway at the park where you can play board games or chess. It is a fantastic location to walk, swing, relax, river gaze, and have a conversation. There is also a fountain at the park featuring different splash elements for children and lighting and fog features at night. Read about Fairlawn, Ohio, is a Museum Cache here.

There is also a restaurant at the park that offers scenic views of the riverfront and fountain. 

Croghan Park

Croghan Park is the city’s premier recreation and relaxing area. This sliver of green in the urban municipality of Fairlawn provides a healthy, albeit brief, from the daily rush and bustle. There’s enough to do for those looking for a good dose of physical activity and those who just want to lay back and enjoy the warm city breeze. This is because the park features basketball courts, baseball courts, soccer fields, a children’s playground, and picnic spaces. 

There is also a walking path, three tennis courts, two handball courts, and open areas for play.