Looking For A Custom Home Builder Near Hartville? Consider Kensington Custom Builders!

Kensington Custom Builders takes immense pride in crafting contemporary custom residences that blend modern aesthetics with the timeless craftsmanship of yesteryears, all within the enchanting environs of Hartville, Ohio!

Our exceptional approach to designing and constructing custom homes commences with a close partnership with you. Share your photographs, concepts, and Pinterest inspirations, and let us embark on the journey to materialize your dream, guided by these key phases:

1. Consultation: We engage in thorough discussions with you to grasp your desires. Expect a plethora of inquiries, suggestions, and an in-depth exploration of expenses and timelines.

2. Lot Selection: Our expertise extends to aiding you in selecting the perfect lot in your preferred locations.

3. Design: Building upon our initial collaboration, we meticulously refine your preferences to craft tailored home blueprints, outline a budget, and document every detail.

4. Construction: Once all the particulars are solidified, and the necessary construction permits are secured, we commence the construction process. This is a moment brimming with excitement for all parties involved, and we actively encourage your active participation throughout, from the foundational stages to framing, roofing, and interior finishes.

At Kensington, we deeply understand that a custom-built home represents a substantial investment. Thus, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to ensuring your complete satisfaction, committed to delivering nothing less than 100% customer contentment!

A little about Hartville, Ohio

Nestled in the heart of Stark County, Ohio, Hartville exudes a charming small-town atmosphere, offering residents and visitors a delightful blend of rural tranquility and modern convenience.

Famous for its picturesque countryside, Hartville is a haven for nature enthusiasts, with nearby parks and scenic areas providing opportunities for outdoor activities. The town is perhaps best known for the historic Hartville Kitchen and Marketplace, a popular destination featuring a renowned restaurant and a variety of unique shops.

With its rich agricultural history, Hartville boasts local farmers’ markets and events that celebrate the community’s vibrant spirit. Family-friendly and welcoming, Hartville captures the essence of a close-knit community while providing easy access to urban amenities. This idyllic town offers a quality of life that reflects a harmonious balance between tradition and progress.

Build Your Dream Home With Kensington Custom Builders near Hartville, Ohio

At Kensington Custom Builders, we pride ourselves in building one-of-a-kind homes for our clients in the Hartville, Ohio area. During our entire process we keep you at top of mind. Investing in a home is a huge investment and we are here to build you a well-crafted home. We want to assure you that we are here to guide you through every step of the custom home building process.

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