There are multiple nature attractions in Medina where residents and visitors alike can go and spend some time in nature. This offers them a chance to relax and unwind without worrying about every day. Below are the nature attractions in the city.  Learn information about Seville, OH.

Medina Marsh Nature Reserve

The Medina Marsh is a superior-quality wetland complex located on the Rocky River and is a large part of preserved land along the river. There is a mowed trail at Medina Marsh, where you can go for a walk while enjoying the beautiful views of the reserve and its wildlife. There is also a pond at the reserve which allows fishing. The reserve also features a diversity of habitats, including forests, wetlands, a tall glass prairie, and meadows. Discover facts about Medina, Ohio, is a Family-Friendly Town.

This is what makes the reserve an ideal location for environmental education opportunities. 

Schleman Nature Preserve

Visitors are welcomed into Schleman Nature Preserve by a group of pine trees. You can then see a burr oak tree with amazing proportions as you continue along the one-mile. Further along, hikers can pass through a grove of buckeyes next to Buckeye Woods Park. You can walk through the wooded nature trails as you enjoy different species of plants and animals. 

There is a picnic center at the nature preserve where you can sit down and enjoy a meal or snack.